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Welcome to Full Service Realty D.R.

Whether you are looking to living here full time, part-time, or vacation only -- Full Service Realty can assist you in identifying all the aspects of each concept.  Our 10 years’ experience of living and working in this touristic area offers explicit knowledge which separates us from the crowd.

Full Service Realty D.R. is just that, from the moment you decide to work with our team you will receive the best service possible.  Building your trust through open dialogue and from a position of experience is what makes are agency different. 

We customize the experience of purchasing real estate in the Dominican Republic while identifying your needs and goals by building a personal relationship that NEARLY guarantees each client is completely satisfied.  Why do we say NEARLY, because not every client likes to hear the realities of living here.  It is a new experience to achieve property ownership in a foreign country.  This is not for everyone so therefore nearly is an honest statement in that context.  What we do not want any of our clients to ever experience half-truths or smoke screens just to achieve a sale.

There are many islands and areas to choose from when your entertaining the idea of living in the Caribbean.  However, our team ended up in the eastern zone of the Dominican Republic for many of the same reasons which is not a surprise.

First and foremost, the beauty and the culture.  Nothing compares to the friendliness of the people here with many speaking or attempting to speak English.  They go the extra mile to demonstrate their utmost appreciation to have foreigners join their community. 

This region is a rapidly developing tourist zone for the past 30 years.  With that being said, the infrastructure has grown at sustained rate of no less than 7% annually.  New communities, schools, churches, hospitals, highways, restaurants, all with a secure electrical grid like no other zone in all the Caribbean.

Full Service Realty D.R. represents only the best of what is available in terms of property development or existing properties. 

We break down those offerings using the following template in order to rapidly identify your primary interests.

3 Types of Community Property categories

  1. Beachfront

  2. Golf

  3. Central

Pricing ranges from 95k to 1.2 million.  Options for everyone and every lifestyle.  Simply identify what your immediate and projected long-term needs are and you will find something to satisfy your desires.

Renderings match final product delivery almost perfectly

Delivery dates are within standards not exceeding what was promised by no more than 90 days

IF THIS OCCURS, they accept their responsibility and compensate accordingly by signing agreements that outline the course of action in such cases which has only occurred 4 times in last 15 years.

Why buy new?

  1. Built to code using international standards.

  2. Ability to custom design your internal spaces with several options using European Standard furnishings.

  3. Ability to custom design your internal spaces with complete autonomy.

  4. TAX EXEMPTION for 15 years!!

  1.  Transfer tax of 3% is eliminated

  2.  Property tax of 1% annual is eliminate

In many cases buying new is not always of interest to clients so therefore we also have resale condos, apartments, and villas available to choose from.  Again, Full Service Realty only represents the best of what is available thus eliminating risk to our clients.

So the question is. Do you have the 2020 vision to explore living in the Caribbean?

Full Service Realty has the experienced vision of hind sight that is necessary in representing your interests and needs by putting you first. 

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