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Krystal Gorham

Senior Sales Consultant 

I have been living in the Dominican Republic for nearly 5 years. As a sales agent the last 3 years I have managed over 5 million in sales.  My passion is connecting people with real estate that meets their individual needs.  The knowledge I have acquired as a business owner in Canada for over 30 years provides me with a strong background in business relations. My passion is people and I am the perfect match in your quest for a new property. 

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Terry Wheat

  Senior Sales Consultant

"Living in the Dominican Republic for the past 10 years has provided me with invaluable information regarding the local culture and what this island has to offer those who are willing to vacation or live here. As a business owner in consulting and environmental sustainability working primarily in the tourism market, I have unique perspective in terms of risk management and opportunities that are present in real estate. It is my passion to share this knowledge with everyone I encounter so that we may form a long term relationship while providing exceptional services that enhance your lifestyle by minimizing the learning curve of buying renting or selling real estate in the Dominican Republic."

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Jake Wheat

- We Know Real Estate, So Get to Know Us -

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Amanda Mercedes

I am originally Northern Wisconsin, USA. I started traveling to the DR in 2016, which was when I fell in love with the people and the culture.  As of Oct 2019, I have been to the DR 18 times and I have traveled all over the country.  After a long search for the right place, my mom and I finally purchased our own piece of paradise. We are making our permanent move down to the island with my 2 sons and our 2 dogs. I have been working in customer service since I was about 13 years old. I have worked for hotels, a rental car company, as well as an airline. I studied Linguistics at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and graduated with a BA as well as 2 minors, one in American Indian Studies, the other in Jewish Studies. I speak English, Spanish, and German. I would love to help you find your own piece of paradise so you too can enjoy this beautiful country and it’s people and culture.


Web Marketing Specialist

I am originally from Saint Louis. I originally spent 2 years here in Dominican Republic, learning the cultures and natures of what it's like to be here. I had gone back to the United States to finish my studies, After finishing school, I became obsessed with understanding data, and more importantly, learning to connect with others. After spending a year studying how to connect with people, I decided that coming to Dominican Republic with my father would be the best choice for me in helping others find their dream home as well as teach others how the Dominicans live. I speak fluent Spanish through my experience here in Dominican, and through more studies in the United States. I am grateful and enthusiastic that I have the opportunity to share my experiences with other people as well as help them find a beautiful home on a beautiful island.  

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